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     Today’s global marketplace is in a state of remarkable transition. Every year more consumers are making their buying choices online, leaving many established retailers scrambling to keep up with their outdated business models. In order to compete in this intricate and dynamic digital marketplace, manufacturers and distributers need experienced online sales professionals to not only make sure their products are receiving targeted exposure, but who are also aware of long term brand strength and positioning. At Marketus Group Inc., we are determined to bring your products to this expanding market by leveraging our dedicated team and creating mutually beneficial long term partnerships.


     Marketus Goup Inc. was established to meet the needs of manufacturers who recognize the shift in consumer habits, and who need a professional online presence to deliver on customer desires, and to outpace their competition. By listening to and understanding your brand’s vision, we are able to implement specific strategies to help you reach your goals. Our dedicated team is always up to date with the newest software and marketplace trends, so you don't have to. We are constantly on the lookout for new vendors who are ready to take their brands and products

to the next level.

Denny Li - Data Analytics 

"It is important to stay on top of your numbers in today’s environment. Understanding and reacting to even minor fluctuations is no longer optional."

David Bell - Founder/CEO 

"With the recent explosion in online sales we realized the need for a specialized group who could help bring products to the new global marketplace. That is where Marketus Group was born. We have built a diverse team who can each specialize in their area and stay on top of the latest information. This is where many companies are lacking, and where we can bring real value."

Mary Dumont - Business Development 

"There has been a paradigm shift in the way people look and shop for products. Businesses need to keep up with the speed of customers, and competition, or be left behind before they know it."

Stephen Peters - Logistics 

"Customers have now gained global access to products. Creating a fast, seamless customer experience after the purchase is the next challenge."

Courtney Fraser - Product Research 

"Trends can change at an incredible pace, and customer preferences along with it. Customer perception of product line value is critical to the success of the brand."

Our Team
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