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Lost in the E-commerce Jungle?

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Our Guidebook

Product Fulfillment

We ship your wholesale products directly into the Amazon FBA warehouses so that they are eligible for the fastest fulfillment, and the best customer experience.

Amazon SEO

We use Amazon SEO to drive traffic to your products through Pay-per-Click advertising campaigns, and increase your conversion rates by optimizing your listings, all at no cost to you!  

Brand Management

We manage your Amazon brand presence by monitoring customer reviews, policing MAP, and keeping you up to date on your sales metrics and the latest Amazon growth strategies.  

  About Us

   Marketus Group is an experienced e-commerce retailer focused on the needs of brand owners who recognize the necessity of a professional online presence to deliver long term brand growth strategies.  

    We work closely with our partners to leverage our many years of experience with online sales, online marketing tools, and data analytics software to deliver real actionable development strategies. We also understand how important it is to build long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors so that we can both achieve our goals.

​    Our Team is constantly on the lookout for new high quality vendors that have the same enthusiasm for success that we do. We are ready to be your trusted guides through the e-commerce jungle.

"With the recent explosion

in online sales we realized the need for a specialized group who could help bring products to the new global marketplace. That is where Marketus Group was born. We have built a diverse team who can each specialize in their area and stay on top of the latest information. This is where many companies are lacking, and where we can bring real value." -


David Bell, Founder/CEO

Why Marketus Group?



We build long term partnerships by understanding your specific goals and challenges



We create targeted advertising and PPC campaigns to drive motivated buyers to your products

MAP Monitor


We abide by and police MAP pricing, protecting product and brand value for online and B&M retail channels



We optimize listing sell through rates by applying our 10 point listing and keyword analysis

Brand Management


We understand and implement brand management strategies crucial for long term success across all platforms

Social Proof


We improve product social proof by soliciting positive reviews, and by monitoring and reporting review trends



We list products on multiple domestic and international marketplaces, increasing product and brand exposure

Brand Values


We respect and incorporate brand values into your advertising and media campaigns 

Professional Experience


We deliver a professional experience by striving to exceed all your expectations as your Amazon brand representative


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